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Connecting a brand to relevant and emerging markets requires strategic insights. We identify opportunities specific to your brand by doing competitive product analysis, studying user interactions and seeking the critical intersections of technology, trend, and culture.

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Great creative direction requires clear communication and the ability to manage an organic creative process. A perfect team isn’t additive, it multiplies its members’ strengths. We provide the framework to guide output toward a focused goal while allowing the freedom to nurture raw ideas.

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We think great design is delicious. It’s not just about a clever idea or a cool form. As the creative process is manifested into a manufacturable expression of intent, we take care to ensure the original spark of innovation and attractive aesthetic thrive. The consumer experience of the physical object begins with desire and lays the foundation for building a lasting emotional connection to the brand.

Each brand is unique, and deserves a customized creative process 

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With over 20 years of experience, EMB has applied a diverse cultural background to a wide variety of creative endeavors.

After earning a BA in Industrial Design from CCAC in San Francisco, he cofounded several companies including the award winning design collective, LIFT. Later, his passion for action sports saw him become a creative wildcard for Fox Racing, where he honed his skills for design and development in several key product categories.
In the mid 2000s Bergman joined a design agency in Santa Barbara and grew into the Creative Director role. He led the talented product design team and formed strategic campaigns for a wide array of clients across many different industries. 
Since returning to the bay area, Eric embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, and created several new products and brands. Most notably MorfBoard, a modular skateboard platform nominated for Toy of the Year 2018.
In 2019, Eric joined Astro Studios as a Creative Director and continued to generate beautifully intriguing design, with a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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