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body armor & racewear


Fox Racing is a leading action sport brand with a heritage in Moto-X. Taking creative lead on Bike (Race/MTB/BMX) and Snow products, EMB was responsible for the entire design process for products in these categories, and instrumental in production development. The Launch Armor project was a radically new approach to body armor where hard and soft components are seamlessly integrated with the body. Mechanical connections were engineered from the ground up and fastening systems were designed to conform with human musculature and joint movement. Techniques and innovations explored with this program also found their way into a number of other products. Almost 15 years later, the Launch Armor system is still considered among the best shin&knee guards on the market and continues to be a top seller for Fox.

Credits: Chris Gagan, Matt Rhoades, Mike Mathe, Todd Covey, Brendan Pierce, David Durham, Gina Romero, Daniel Cram

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